What is your weather policy?

We typically cruise rain or shine. It can be a wonderful experience to be out on the lake regardless of the weather and as anyone from Texas knows, there is no way to accurately predict if the weather will change. We do reserve the right to cancel if lake wind advisories are issued by the national weather service. Also, impending lightening storms may cause a delay or cancellation of a cruise. Since we live in Texas, we can experience quick weather changes. If we feel conditions will be safe, we will still run the cruise and fees will be assessed if the customer cancels. We will call all passengers at least one (1) hour ahead of cruise time to cancel if there are weather concerns. No fees will be assessed when WE cancel a trip. We do NOT pay transportation costs to/from our cruise location. Feel free to check out this weather link for up to date weather reports! www.weather.com

If you have concerns about the weather please call us at any of the following numbers: 512-756-6986 (local call center) or 512-756-6626 (dock location). If wind may be an issue, we generally know that morning or sometimes the day before. When you make your booking, please provide contact information where you can be reached within 48 hours of your booking so we are able to notify you we do a weather watch.

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