What is the difference between a public and private booking?

When booking the boat privately, the group or individual pays a flat rate for the boat and it is up to them how many guests that they bring. If you have a group of 20 or more, it is often the best way to go. When it’s a private booking, you choose the boat, the time of departure, the music, the food and any program you may want to incorporate into your cruise. Some groups book the boat privately for a smaller number of people as they must enjoy the exclusivity of a private booking and want to keep the experience as theirs alone. If they would like a meal catered, there is an individual charge according to which meal is chosen. If they’d like to pot luck or provide their own snacks, there is a $100 portage fee charge for this.

A public booking runs according to a set schedule and availability. Prices listed for public cruises are all inclusive prices. Remaining seats on public cruises will be filled with other passengers. If the cruise is a meal cruise, everyone on board will be having a meal. If the cruise is not a meal cruise, guests are welcome to bring their own snacks or picnic to enjoy on board.

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