A Brief History of the
Vanishing Texas River Cruise

Ed Low's first dream of a river cruise visualized in 1981 was, naturally enough, along the banks of the Colorado River. He was at Lemons Camp, a fishing camp known for its white bass fishing and, perhaps more so, for its infamous proprietor Jerry Lemons.

One must envision the circumstances of that day to fully understand the compelling beauty of the Colorado River and its impact on Ed. He was a rancher from Llano, recuperating from a major surgery of having an artificial right hip inserted. After weeks in the hospital, this was where Ed had chosen to heal. He had never been there before but his father and his father's father had been there and for many years they had set Ed's
mind to racing with stories of the natural beauty and isolation of the area. Ed's father once told him that there could be no better place to begin the healing process. While sitting on the river bank one day at Lemons Camp, a young man ran past him and, seconds later, there sped Jerry Lemons brandishing a lead pipe and screaming "I'm going to kill you!" The youth somehow escaped that fate. That was Ed's first encounter with Daniel Boren.

Daniel was a runaway kid who served as fishing guide, fish cleaner, sheet changer and all around "go fer" at Lemons camp. He also swept out the place. And he was always infuriating Jerry Lemons - sometimes to the point that Jerry would act even more "infamous" than normal. It was Daniel who first took Ed for a short trip down river from Lemons Camp to Post Oaks Fall. Ed was astounded by the beauty even on that short
trip. The waterfalls, cliffs, wildlife everywhere and no signs of encroaching civilization were incredible. Oddly enough, neither Daniel nor Jerry Lemons had ever tried taking a boat from Lemons Camp to the main body of Lake Buchanan. And with no time that day, they returned to Lemons Camp.

It was Daniel who first introduced Ed to writer/historian Leroy Yarbrough, who also doubles as a real estate agent and mayor of Evant, Texas. Leroy was editor and publisher of Vanishing Texas, an historical publication that specialized in tales of exploration, battles and pioneer life in Texas. Leroy was a frequent visitor to Lemons Camp, as he liked to explore the caves and mines in the area. He had done some research on the Colorado River and he told Ed the fascinating history that took place along its banks. You can read more about the fascinating history of the river and of Vanishing Texas River Cruise by reading the Official Guide to the Vanishing Texas River Cruise, available for purchase on the cruise or call 1-800-4-RIVER-4 for $6.95 plus $3 shipping and handling.
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