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Freedom Flight Cruises

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Flight and Freedom…an Adventure!

Travel into an incredibly beautiful Colorado River canyon with raptor rescuers from Last Chance Forever / The Bird of Prey Conservancy. Observe the amazing work of this dedicated wildlife organization that is seen regularly on "Wild Rescues" an Animal Planet program. Observe closely as they prepare to release a once injured bird of prey back into the wild. Hear the rescuers tell you the story behind the apex predator, its rescue, rehabilitation and journey from captivity to freedom.

Watch with awe as the anxious sky hunter is removed from its bonds and view its wings as it lifts into the sky once again in control of its own destiny. If witnessing the return of freedom for a once downed and captive bird or sliding through azure water while viewing the unchained wild is not enough, traveling with everyone on board the tour boat are some of the organization's incredible animal ambassadors such as hawks, owls, or perhaps a beautiful Bald Eagle. This is an unusual, exciting once in a lifetime adventure as this journey allows you to participate in wildlife conservation at ground zero.

Last Chance Forever is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that rescues birds of prey and along with Vanishing Texas River Cruise, a premier ecological tour group, partner to provide an awesome opportunity for a limited number of participants. Call soon, as seats are filled quickly.

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