Captains and Crews

Shawn Devaney is our senior captain, has been a captain for Vanishing Texas River Cruises since 1982. He is an experienced mariner on the Texas Colorado River and takes pride in telling you that he has the biggest boats on Lake Buchanan. Our historians will guide you through the cruises, explaining in great detail the history of the River Canyon as well as identifying bird life and wildlife.

These guides know the area well and are experienced with the river and its wildlife better than most. Come and join one of our cruises and meet our great crew. They will make you feel right at home while giving you a great wealth of information and memories of a life time.

Cliff Galley is a former USCG ship captain. He is an entrepreneur, is rated in multi-engines airplanes, is a great story teller and a Native Texan!

Tim Mohan is a retired public servant of 27 years. He has been working as a Tour Guide at Vanishing Texas River Cruise since September of 2004. Tim is also a Tour Guide at Longhorn Caverns.

Capt. Joe Rose is a retired 3rd grade school teacher from Dickinson, TX.  For over 40 years he has captained tour boats such as our Texas Eagle
II.  He has been employed with the River Cruise since 2003.

Robert George is employed full time with Cold Springs Granite for 25+ years. He has worked special events for Vanishing Texas River Cruise and Longhorn Caverns for the past 10 years.

Crystal Van Buskirk is the person responsible for maintaining the Texas Eagle II and Park Store.  You can thank her for our clean facilities.

Michelle Devaney is the General Manager and CFO of Vanishing Texas River Cruise and Longhorn Cavern State Park.  She has worked with the cruise
company for 15+ years and the cavern since 2000.  She and her wonderful support staff work behind the scenes to insure that vacationers have a wonderful time
Left: Cliff Galley • Crystal Van Buskirk • Robert George                         
           Right: Candy Olsen • Capt. Shawn Devaney • Capt. Joe Rose • Tim Mohan   

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