Discover the secrets long hidden beneath the waters of Lake Buchanan since 1937. Join us on the Vanishing Texas Cruises for a trip back in time. As the lake waters recede due to drought, the old town of Bluffton is rising again. The General Store, the grist mill, the foundation of The Hotel, and the Cotton Gin complete with equipment, are a constant reminder of the courageous men and women who settled this wild country. Learn of their sufferings, triumphs and most importantly, their great contributions to the people of Texas. They gave up their land and everything that was dear to them in order to help bring electricity to the Texas Hill Country and beyond. If the conditions are right, a 25 minute hike will be conducted around old Bluffton.

Lake Buchanan is the largest lake in Texas and is home to a myriad of water fowl and birds of all kinds. The cruise will pass by Garrett Island, the largest uninhabited island on the lake. It is a wildlife sanctuary for migratory birds such as the blue heron, white egrets and particularly 2 birds of prey, the osprey and the American Bald Eagle.

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