About Us

Ed Low first visualized the Vanishing Texas River Cruise back in 1981. Ed teamed up with a young man named Daniel Boren (who has since passed away) and in 1982, along with Capt. Shawn Devaney. Over the years, Shawn became a partner by way of “sweat equity” in the growing ecological river cruise. As Ed’s health declined, Shawn eventually bought the business from Ed in 1999.

With the assistance of Billy Dragoo, a reporter for the Burnet Bulletin who after taking the cruise wrote an article about it that spawned other articles in the Highlander, The Austin American Statesman and several San Antonio newspapers, the word got out and the response since then has been incredible.

Vanishing Texas River Cruises has become an icon in nature tourism in the State of Texas, and it is a well deserved title. The employees of the cruise are very knowledgeable and the experience is one you will not soon forget.

Canyon of the Eagles is aptly named for the American Bald Eagles that frequent it. An abundance of other wildlife can be viewed along the river and photographers are sure to be delighted with their “photo ops”.

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